[FGO] Chaldea Boys 2021 – Forever Chasing the Sun

[FGO] Chaldea Boys 2021 – Forever Chasing the Sun

I started playing fgo around the end of September in 2017 when I saw Daki playing it on his cell phone. I immediately recognized it as being associated with that weird video game vrsn of the hunger games, but with historical heroes and gods thrown into the mix (Fate/Extra, my introduction to the series around 2009).

I like mythology, and to a lesser extent history, so I downloaded it.
Despite being problematic at points with some of it’s themes, it has still been as crack cocaine to me ever since, esp Chaldea Boys. It’s the one event I look forward to every year.

N E ways, I have been chasing the hero of charity ever since his release, so please wish me luck in obtaining best guy with laser eye!

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[東方] Veda [Liz Triangle] Eng Sub (Touhou)
8D Audio | Karna Theme Song – Mahabharat | 8D MUSIC India
虎柄の毘沙門天 VaizravaNa ~ Touhou Vocal 24
Karna – The Great Danveer
Can you feel the sunshine?

Clips from:
Fate Apocrypha
जयद्रथ वध की कहानी | Mahabharat Stories | B. R. Chopra | EP – 85

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