【FGO】Gilgamesh Zasshu 雑種 (Voice Line Remix)

【FGO】Gilgamesh Zasshu 雑種 (Voice Line Remix)

Gilgamesh saying Zasshu 雑種

GIlgamesh is the probably the brightest looking servant I’ve seen other than OG Saber, the first time I was introduced into the franchise from Fate Unlimited Blade Works. With is casual look and then his armor, yeah, he was cool and from there, I spiraled down and consuming anything Fate. Help me.

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This is for the love of the game and also the music. I will keep doing this, because it’s fun.

Servant: Gilgamesh ギルガメッシュ (Archer, Caster and Kid Gil 子ギル)
AKA: Humanity’s Oldest King (人類最古の王, Jinrui Saiko no Ō?)
King of Heroes of Decadence (退廃の英雄王, Taihai no Eiyū-ō?), A U O
King of Heroes, Linchpin of Heaven, King of Uruk, King of Babylonia, The Golden King
Sovereign of Magic Wands (魔杖の支配者, Majō no Shihai-sha?)
Sage King
Ko-Gil, Young Gil, Child Gil, Gil-kun, Gilgamesh (Child)

I do not own Fate Grand Order all rights goes to their original creators. The only thing I own from this video animation and the music arrangement and composition. Thank you very much. Windows XP is owned by Microsoft

Voice Actor: Seki Tomokazu
Illustrator: Takeuchi Takashi
Writer: Kinoko Nasu
Game Developer: Delightworks
Animation Studios: Ufotable, Cloverworks, Studio Deen, Silver Link
Publisher: Aniplex
Characters and Story by TypeMoon

And of course to all of those behind this the mobile game.

King of Heroes Gilgamesh Zasshu 雑種 Voice Line Remix
FGO Gilgamesh Zasshu 雑種 (Voice Line Remix)

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