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Internet Connectivity without Breaking The Bank – Maxis Fibre

maxis-fibreThe Government recently exhorted Internet service providers to bring down the prices for their services. The appeal met with mixed reaction from the ISPs in the country. However, one great thing happened. Entry level Internet broadband packages got cheaper. They even reduced their restrictions on data usage. The premium offers remain almost untouched. Still, the change has helped to bring more consumers to the Internet.

The current scenario

The highest Internet speed available at present is 100MBPS from www.maxisfibre.my. The company offers the fastest speed at the entry level; 10MBPS at just RM148 per month. The same available with its competitors is more expensive. Besides, almost all of them start with 4 or 5 megabytes per second. Even TM has responded to this call. Its UniFi packages are more affordable and offer faster Internet. However, the speed remains slightly lower than its competitors. This is expected to be sorted out soon. The company will definitely come up with a plan in the near future. Its aim is sure to stay ahead in the competition.

The concern

The prospect remains bright for an average broadband user who decides to stay with an entry level package. The only concern is about the subscribers of the Pay TV from Astro. The joint ventures have yet to wave these extra charges. When enquired, media got the confirmation that Astro will prepare a plan and update users accordingly.

Fiber broadband for reliability

Faster Internet for mobile had come to reality much earlier in 2013 with the arrival of LTE. However, this remains confined to major cities. Even then, fiber broadband is the best choice for those looking for reliability and stability.

Despite being faster, the price for mobile packages remain almost the same. It is the same from the inception of 3G services until now.

This does not mean to say that the mobile market is on the brink of extinction. The use of Smartphones and tablets are always on the rise. More and more companies are offering attractive plans targeted at this goldmine. According to Maxis, mobile operators are now functioning in an increasingly competitive atmosphere. And to reach out to customers seeking to enjoy faster and reliable Internet, they need to develop a strong network. They should also look for cost-effective tariff plans if they want to obtain and enlarge their subscriber-base.


All the recent development in the industry lead to the observation that Internet monopoly is a thing of the past. It is true that TM controls a major part of the spectrum. However, it is facing fierce competition from the services like Maxis Fibre. It offers better Internet at a rate a middle-class home can manage. When combined with the emerging joint ventures, the major players like TM will have no choice, but to flow with the current.

An overall evaluation will stress the following points.

  1. The Government has succeeded in bringing more consumers to the Internet.
  2. Premium plans still remain expensive. There is a slight difference. Data limit has been increased to appreciate new subscribers. There is still a long way to go. However, the future prospects remain optimistic.

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