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How to choose web hosting in Malaysia?

webhostingChoosing a perfect web hosting service provider in Malaysia can be really tough. Each and every service provider in Malaysia promises unlimited amount of resources, 99% uptime and a good support. So it is really hard to choose the best hosting provider in Malaysia.

  1. Price: Price is one of the important factors that you must consider while choosing a service provider. But you must always be careful while depending on the price. Because you may not get all the features and benefits of a full hosting service when that same service is offered at a lower price. So be careful to check the list of what you get compared to the price you are paying.
  2. Area of specialty: it is a genuine fact that you cannot choose any kind of hosting for all the purposes. You need to be selective. Some of the hosting service may seem to be good for shared hosting but for individual business it might not suit you. In some case it might be good for a enterprise solution but not for a small blog or personal website.
  3. Specs: you need to classify your website and find out what kind of content you will have on your website. Depending on the category of the website, your hosting plan will differ. According to your need like for a blog, rich content, e-commerce, video content your plan will definitely differ and you must choose the hosting packages according to that. Check the specs of your plan like the processing power, ram, disk space etc, before you choose a plan.
  4. Support: Support is another important part but you need to check whether the Malaysian hosting provider have a 24X7 support desk or not. And even if they have one, whether the support is good enough to help you out with the technical problems when you need.
  5. Customer Review: check the customer reviews about the hosting provider in Malaysia and also you can check the reviews for particular plans. This will help you to understand about the provider and also help you to choose a proper plan according to your need.
  6. Control panel: handling the control panel must be simple and you need to check it yourself before you buy a hosting. There are few simple steps or rather simple checks that you must be able to do. One of them is email setup, wordpress installation, FTP account setup. These must be user friendly and you must be able to do it without any kind of hassle.
  7. Future Scope: you need to make sure that you have a hosting provider in Malaysia which will give you the scope to increase. The point is, you need to plan your future and check whether the hosting provider you are choosing is capable of handling your future needs.
  8. Data Center: If your website is catered to Malaysian visitor, generally it doesn’t matter where the location of the Data Center is. Larger corporate companies will be more concern of the Data Center security & reliability. And in case disaster happens, if there’s any immediate disaster recovery system in place. Many of the reliable datacentre like pltpro.com can be found in Cyberjaya, the┬áMultimedia Super Corridor in Malaysia

Depending on these points you can decide whether you can choose a hosting provider in Malaysia or not. Sometimes online reviews and price discounts can be misleading, so remember these points and make sure you get the best for your website, be it a personal one or a professional one.

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