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How does VOIP work?

voip-worksVOIP or Voice over Internet Protocol is a great method of receiving analog audio signals. VoIP is an amazing technology, which actually can replace the traditional telephone networks without any problem. Nowadays, many telephone providers are selling this VoIP service. It is Hosted PBX or Cloud PBX. VoIP is a wonderful technology to place free phone calls through an internet connection.

How does it work?

VoIP or voice over internet protocol takes a standard analog telephone signal and then turns it into a digital signal. It is transmitted over the internet. If you want to make free internet phone calls, you have to plug your standard telephone into a special device named ATA. ATA stands for an analog telephone adapter. Make sure that you have a good internet connection to make a call. You can make a call directly from your computer using VoIP software and a headset. This is a great help for those people who are always on the move. Technology offers you a number of different ways to make and receive calls using voice over internet protocol.

What is ATA?

The most common way of using your VoIP service is ATA. ATA or analog telephone adaptor lets you connect your standard phone or fax machine to your PC, so that you can use the VoIP service through your internet connection. The ATA is an analog to digital converter and it converts the analog signal of your phone into the digital data for transmission over the internet. Generally, providers offer free ATAs with their service. You just have to take out the ATA from the box and plug the cable from your phone. Some ATAs come with additional software that may be useful to you.

IP Phones – IP phones look like normal phones having buttons, cradle and a handset. But IP phones connect directly to an internet connection without using the ATA device.  The specialties of IP phones is that, it owns an RJ-45 Ethernet connector. As a result, it can directly connect to your router. It comes in both corded and wireless models. It has all necessary hardware and software configuration built in to handle an easy IP call.  You can make VoIP calls from any WiFi hotspot. Generally, corporate users go for IP phones as they have special buttons which allow to transfer a call,  place callers on hold  and answer multiple lines.

Computer to computer -The easiest way to use the VoIP service. You have to install the VoIP software  on your computer. You need a microphone, a sound card, speakers and internet connection. Get your internet connection through a DSL modem or cable as it is pretty fast. You don’t have to pay any cost for computer to computer calls, no matter whatever the distance is. You can transfer your caller to another line, place callers on hold if you are busy, answer multiple telephone lines or even host conference calls with ease and at a very nominal cost as well.

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